Young Pepper & Salt Ferret Photos

I recently bought a budget DSLR camera so I can take amazing pictures of my fur babies. I wish that I would have bought a camera years ago when I first got my ferrets. I can’t change the past, but I can definitely change for the future. I’ve taken photos with different phones over the last 6 years but if you own any animal it can be challenging to take really good pictures with a phone while the fur baby is moving. Many of my photos turn out blurry or not very high quality.

Today I will share some of the old photos I took with one of my old phones. This photo posting is going to be about young Pepper Ann (or Pepper) and Salt. If you have read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of My Special Fur ChildrenĀ you probably want to see some cute photos of Pepper & Salt when I first got them.

Pepper Ann’s first day at home. She loved the toy bumble bee.
Salt’s first day home.
Pepper and Salt cuddling their first night together.
Salt trying to drink the Arizona Green Tea.
Pepper Ann pointing out her name from my Diet Dr. Pepper can. The day Alan and I named the ferrets Salt and Pepper.
Pepper saying Hi
Salt playing in a cardboard box


Pepper playing with Salt
Salt trying to get into the bag of food.
Salt playing inside another cardboard box.
Pepper saying hello.

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