Photogenic Ferrets

I bought a budget DSLR camera about a month ago in an attempt to photograph my fur babies easier. Any ferret owner knows the struggles of taking photos while their ferret(s) are moving around and seem to never sit still for a few moments. Some might get lucky to snap a quick photo that doesn’t end up blurry. The best time to snap a photo of a ferret is when they are sound asleep because they aren’t wiggling, twisting, squirming or dancing around. Sleeping ferrets are adorable though since they sleep in the most obsured and awkward positions, but I want some good quality awake ferret photos.

Once I started snapping photos of my six fur children with my DSLR camera their demeanor completely changed. When they see me with the camera they start posing in front of it like super models. They would look straight at me, move or tilt their heads and even roll around and play slowly enough just so I can snap multiple photos of them. Really? All this time when taking photos with my phone they didn’t seem to have the time of day to just pose for one second, but all of a sudden they get photogenic once I get a nice camera. I guess they want to be super stars or ferret models. Sorry to break the news to you fur babies but this isn’t “America’s Next Top Ferret Model.” Silly ferrets!

Here are a few of my favorite photos of each ferret so far:

Pepper – 6 years old
Salt – 6 years oldĀ 
Spice – 5 1/2 years old
Garlic – 4 1/2 years old
Rosemary – 3 years old
Sugar – 3 years old

More photos to come in due time. I have a feeling if my fur children keep this behavior up I’m going to end up with so many photos that I don’t know what do with them. I might have to start scrapbooking or something for each ferret! Oh yeah, I do have plain walls in my fur babies’ bedroom to work with… hmmmm…..

Thanks for stopping by!

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