Ferret Tongues Caught on Camera

When I started looking through pictures I took of my six fur babies using my new camera I noticed something. I didn’t realize that their tongues were really long. Out of the six years of owning ferrets I never noticed this. I do occasionally catch them sticking their tongues out while they are sleeping but only a glimpse. Now that I’ve seen these recent photos I’m starting to also notice that they lick their faces a lot. I mean a lot.

It’s sad to think that I never noticed this before but my attention was more drawn to playing with them and driving them bonkers. I’m constantly learning and adapting when it comes to owning ferrets, even years down the road. As time passes there are more discoveries and more knowledge to gain about ferrets. So, I am not surprised that I am now learning my fur babies have very long tongues and they lick their faces frequently.

Here are some shots of ferret tongue action:


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