Ferret Story

R.I.P Salt

I’ve been contemplating for the past few weeks if I should write a post about my Albino ferret boy, Salt, passing away on February 22nd. I feel if I write about him it can start my healing process, plus I can honor him too.

Losing any love one is very difficult and hurts to talk about it. Salt was one of my babies. He just turned 7 years old on February 6th then passed away 16 days later. I know he lived a good and happy life. It feels like it was yesterday when my husband and I walked into the pet store and picked Salt out. He was white as snow with sparkling ruby red eyes and small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. Hubby chose him specifically just so we can name him Salt since we got another ferret a few days before him which we named Pepper. Hubby really wanted to name both ferrets after condiments. Salt and Pepper what strong names.

Salt and Pepper cuddling together.

What makes Salt’s death more difficult to deal with is that he passed away when I was on travel for work. I had all 6 of my ferrets (Salt, Pepper, Spice, Garlic, Sugar and Rosemary) staying at the kennel while I was going to be on travel for work for three weeks. I got the news about Salt’s passing an hour after I got off of work on Feb 22nd. I was sitting in the hotel room watching TV and hanging out with my husband (lucky for me he was there on travel in the same location I was) when I received a phone call from the kennel. My first thought was, “What is the kennel calling me for now?” Most of the time they call me to tell me or ask me about one of the ferrets’ odd behavior and normally I reassure them it is normal with my fur babies. For some reason, I had this gut feeling that this time they were calling me with bad news. Even hubby thought so too.

I was devastated when the kennel informed me of his passing. I could not stop crying. My baby was gone and I wasn’t there with him. The kennel owner explained to me that they found him lifeless in one of his favorite sleeping spots in the cage. When they found him they immediately took him next door to the Veterinarian, where they pronounced him dead. There was nothing they could have done but the Vet believes that Salt probably suffered from liver failure.

I asked the kennel owner what options were available to do with Salt’s body. I didn’t know what they do when an animal passes away and I never thought to ask, until now. She told me that the vet next door knows a company that can cremate Salt and place him in a beautiful cedar box with an engraved plaque. The other option is the vet can store Salt in one of their freezers until I return. Hubby and I agreed to the cremation, this way when both of us return home we can give him a nice burial.


Hubby and I discussed possibly one day planting a beautiful Red Japanese Maple in Salt’s honor in the front or backyard. We feel that this tree would represent his long and happy life and remind us of his beautiful ruby red eyes.

It still pains me that I wasn’t there for Salt in his final day. I know I can’t beat myself up forever since deep down I know he was going to pass soon. He was diagnosed with Adrenal Disease about a year and a half ago and he has been struggling for a while. Every six months I had to take him to the vet to get a hormone implant called Deslorelin to help reduce the symptoms. Lately he has been weak to walk around a lot and he was starting to lose more hair. It was only a matter of time before the disease would be in full force and take him away from me. I just wished I had more time with him.

Here are some photos of Salt:

Mom I want to drink some of your Arizona Green Tea.
Should I play in the cardboard box?
I love playing in the cardboard box!
I want more food mom!
Shhh I am hiding from Pepper.
Aren’t you GLAD I’m having fun mom?
Peek a boo!
Leave me alone, I am eating here.
I am sleepy. Good night.
I can be a ferret model.
Mom can I sleep for 5 more minutes?
This is my friend Mr. Dolphin.
Yum, delicious.

I love and miss you so much Salt! I will see you one day at the Rainbow Bridge so we can reunite again.

Rest In Peace Salt: 2/22/18.

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